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About Swoosh

Swoosh is a small tray application, that allows the user to move his current playlist and playing item from one mediaplayer to another, it even resumes from the current playing position. This is achieved using the remote interfaces and APIs of the supported players. It does not matter if the other player is running on another computer as long as the firewall does not block the remote interface.
Swoosh can be configured using an xml file in wich global keystrokes are mapped to actions. There is no need to open a GUI in order to make use of the functionality.


Before using Swoosh, the MediaPlayers, the Computer/Firewall, and the Swoosh configuration XML file have to be adjusted.

Configuration of the MediaPlayers

Please follow the instructions for the different players to activate the remote interfaces.

Navigate to System -> Network -> Services and acitavte the HTTP remote interface and configure a port.

See here for screenshots and details: Configuration XBMC

Go to interface settings and activate the oldhttp interface. After that you can change the access privileges by changing the vlc's .host file located in the vlc's http folder.

See here for screenshots and details: Configuration VLC

As Winamp does not have any http interface included, you have to install a plugin in order to make it work.
Swoosh is currently comunicating with the AjaxAmp plugin. AjaxAmp

See here for screenshots and details: Configuration WinAmp

Firewall Settings

If you want to use Swoosh to control players over network, you have to configure your firewall according to the port-configurations of the MediaPlayers. You also have to make the mediafiles you want to swoosh accessible for all participating devices.

Swoosh Configuration File

Sample Configuration

The sourcecode package also contains a sample XML configuration file, which is explained more precisely here:
XML Sample Configuration





Further Work

At the moment, there are some parts still under development:
  • Swooshing from XBMC to other players (read and transfer playlist)

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